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The CourierOne suite of software has been designed to meet the demanding and time-sensitive needs of delivery businesses.

Courier One’s various applications offer necessary features to each part of your business via real-time access to our system. When combined, these programs will generate new opportunities and possibilities that were not possible for your organization without Courier One software.

CourierOne is an internet aware smart application that was specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding, time sensitive courier and messenger industry. Get real time access to the latest information entered in the system anytime, anywhere.

Take charge of managing wages, automatically generating time sheets, and enforcing permissions so that users only have access to the features and programs you approve. Store contracted rates with CourierOne complex price sets and allow your dispatchers to create correct orders easily. Internet connectivity issues should never affect your business. Courier One is the only courier software with Smart Client technology, allowing you to continue your work in our system, online or offline. Allow CourierOne delivery software to track your vehicles and their required maintenance. When a scheduled mileage or date is reached, you are notified that a particular vehicle is in need of maintenance. Fast access to the details of any order is important to your team.
This window offers that access and takes the guess work out of making changes. For instance, if a customer calls to requests a change in service, how long does it currently take to calculate the difference in price, notify the drivers, and send out notification updates With CourierOne tracking and tracing, this process is handled with a click of your mouse; the rest is taken care of automatically. In real-time, view the status of any order in the system. Reassign packages to different drivers, while CourierOne logistics software takes care of all the necessary notifications. View proof of delivery information as it is captured in the field. Cancel orders in a smart way, allowing courier one to notify the appropriate people when such an action takes place.

Generated over time by your customers and dispatchers, this list of addresses may be organized to better view your company’s reach. With the smart assignment feature, Courier One can recommend the zones that addresses fall into, allowing customers to receive real-time pricing quotes later on.

Courier One is easy to learn and use. The application uses a very visual interface that adapts to power users. This interface helps to dramatically reduce the learning curve for dispatchers. See at a glance which drivers are currently clocked in; where they are located; what assignments they have queued up; when they last interacted with the system. Real-time updates regarding the status of field personnel allow the dispatcher to make more informed driver assignments for new orders. This functionality helps to even workloads and allow your company to run more efficiently.

Features include

• Accurate and instant order entry
• Order status and tracking
• Powerful route schedule
• Compatibility with industry standards
• Real time communication with driver
• Support for hundred mobile devices and cell phones
• Price sets for storing contracted with customers